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my turn.

okay. this post is not meant towards any one in particular, because almost everyone i know has done it, and i mean this post in no offence at all:

everyone always writes about stuff in livejournal. how their day went, important things, or just randomly updating about.. jello per se. XD ranting is also, as maria said, one of the main things about livejournal.

but for fucking gods sakes, if youre ranting, in a negative way especially, about a person, talk to that person first before you totally thrash them on a VIEWABLE PAGE FOR THE PUBLIC TO SEE. and honestly, its like youre not even considerate enough to tell that person yourself. you decide to let everyone else see it, taking a chance that that person will actually find out, and remian wondering what you think about them that made you so mad at them.

i swear to god. talk to the people about it first before you decide to rant about them in a negative way for everyone else to see.

and i guess im just taking a stand for this because, almost everytime this happens, it is AGAINST ME. guh. i would just looove it if the next person that hates the shit out of me, would at least tell me in person they do before they tell everyone else.

i dont know if what i posted clearly states what i mean, i dont know if many of you even understand what i mean by any of this. but hopefully you at least get the jist of it and will take this into consideration.

again, i didnt mean this toward any one person "unparticular" and didnt want to be insulting anyone either. its just, its one thing when some one hates me, but its another thing when they dont even care enough to tell me how they feel.
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